2019 was one of my best years in the business. Thanks to all of you - my valued clients, I received the 2019 Award for Most Deals!

United Yacht Sales is comprised of over 150 brokers; our average sales price has grown 60% over the past few years, and we complete over 500 transactions a year. To win this award was a great honor for me and I am proud to be the "Best of the Best" at United Yacht Sales. So, thank you all for helping to make that award a reality.

Looking back at 2019, we had a lot going on politically, that many thought would negatively impact the industry's yearend report. However, despite the news about tariffs and political dramas, boat builders did not cut back production in the second half of 2019. These results indicate a positive outlook for the marine industry. Many marine professionals agree we are in a better position than last year with the reports of new builds being sold and inventory dwindling toward the end of 2019.

Strong sales of larger models at FLIBS will keep the builders busy moving forward. "Forecasts call for 3% growth in unit retail sales. We're not expecting a slowdown in lending activity, and we don't foresee any economic bumps beyond what is being broadcast today" according to Bruce Can Wagoner, President, Marine Group (lending), Wells Fargo. See article.

We not only see positive change in inventory, sales, and financing, but we see change in the demographics of the industry. Technology has come a long way for many marine professionals, allowing the effects to trickle down to the consumer. In addition to technology, we've seen more women involved in all aspects of the business. This presents a huge opportunity for women in the marine industry. We're continuing to grow in a positive way and I only hope we continue to progress as we have.

The yachting industry is not only about recreational use. The industry is one of the top economic producers in many areas of our country. This includes fishing, transportation, boat sales, charters, and more. The innovations we see not only contribute to our industry, but to many others. I am from a town that has the largest fishing ports in the world. I live and breathe this industry and experience the economic impact every day, which is probably what drives me to excel as a United Yacht Sales professional.

I wouldn't be where I am today without my clients, support staff, friends and family. Being one of the "best of the best" wouldn't be achievable without this amazing company providing the tools and staff necessary to attain that goal for myself and my clients. As I always say, this is my dream job and I love what I do. Thank you all for your support, encouragement and trust. I am truly blessed and look forward to the year ahead.

Joe Guard

Falmouth Yacht Sales