One of my favorite things to do, in addition to boating, is cook. I enjoy creating dishes and sharing them with friends and family to enjoy. Though this may come off as cliche, one of my favorite food groups is seafood and in particularly Scallops. I make some mean scallops and I would like to share with you one of my favorite ways to cook them. It’s a great, easy dish to cook for the holidays or any special occasion. Bookmark this page so you don’t lose the recipe! But first, here is a little background on Scallops and scalloping in Massachusetts.

For those that don’t know, Scallop is pronounced ScUl - luhp. It’s important to know the correct pronunciation if you want to gain the respect of the 1. Fisherman and 2. Locals. Otherwise, you’ll probably be looked at funny and denied scallops (ok, not really). The fisherman go out for 10-14 days on a boat that includes a max of 7 men including the captain. Their job is truly a specialty that includes custom boats that are rigged with the right equipment to scallop. The limit for each trip is 17,000 pounds. Scalloping is done all year round in different areas depending on the sea conditions and time of year.

New Bedford is known as “New England’s Seafood Hub.” The port generates $9.8 billion in total economic value each year and is noted for the 16th year as the “most valuable fishing port”. No matter where you are in the world, you will more than likely be eating a “Prized” New Bedford scallop. Nearly 50 million pounds of scallops land on the docks of New Bedford. To break that down even further, during season the docks will see 500,000 pounds of scallops A DAY! Want to see what a real life fish auction is like? Visit the port of New Bedford! Want to see the largest USDA approved cold treatment centers on the East Coast? Visit New Bedford!

A local and worldwide delicacy, scallops are not only displayed on your plate, but also used as decor. Many local artist include the scallop somewhere in their peices. Driving around the neighborhoods you’re bound to see a house with a golden scallop door knocker. Or maybe the platinum scallop hanging on the ranges in the neighbors kitchen. A local Marion artist, Grainger Pottery, is where you can find these beautifully decorated scallops in addition to other colorful fish designs. We take pride in our specialty, especially the industry that gives us bounties. Now, that you have a better understanding of the scallop, please enjoy this recipe with friends and family. Be sure to share some fun facts too!

How To Make My Favorite Scallop Recipe

Scallops can be the perfect addition to spicing up some veggies!



  1. Dry the scallops with paper towel
  2. Remove the muscle on the side (This is most people’s preference, but I am indifferent)
  3. Season both sides with fresh ground pepper and sea salt
  4. Heat the skillet on high heat with olive oil and a couple dashes of coconut oil until it smokes
  5. Place scallops in skillet
  6. Spoon oil on top of scallops to help cook
  7. After 2-3 minutes, make sure the bottom is a crispy texture and caramel color. This will determine your desired finish.
  8. Flip them when they are to your liking and repeat steps 6-7
  9. You can stop here or, if so desired, throw a couple pats of butter in the pan and spoon over for an added flavor boost

TIP: Do not over do them or you will end up with chewy bites. You do not want that. They should have an opaque finish when done. It should feel like slicing into butter. The finished product is a creamy, sweet, buttery, perfectly seasoned morsel.

That’s my recipe. Simple, I know. But I promise you will not have a better tasting scallop. The simpler the better! Bon Appetite!

Joe Guard

Yacht Broker - Falmouth, MA